As recently as yesterday, my amp started making an awful buzzing noise, whenever my cable and guitar are plugged in.

The two ways to eliminate the buzz is to turn the Gain on my amp all the way down to 2/10, or the Tone on the guitar itself. I'm not sure of what is at fault here, the amp, my cable, or the guitar?

The amplifier is an Ibanez GTA10, and the guitar is an Ibanez GAX30.
Either of these known to fail after some time?
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most likely the cable, the same thing happened to me a while ago and changing the cable did the job
Has anything new been introduced such as laptops, cell phones, microwave towers, etc?

Can you play your guitar thru a diff amp?
Can you play a diff guitar in your amp?
Can you take everything to a store and checky?
Do you cables get a lot of abuse?
If it is inside the amp somewhere that just means it is .....NEW AMP DAY...soon.

Sorry...do you have a GAS fund? (gear fund)