When i try to go onto either hotmail, bebo, myspace, facebook or ebay, it just doesn't load at all, so i click on the little error thing next to the address bar (I'm using firefox 3 btw) and it says 'Your connection to this website is not encrypted', does anyone have any ideas whatsoever what i can do? I've deleted all my history (I had over 11,000 pages, it was sad to see them go ), i've deleted all my cookied and cleared my cache as well, and nothing is happening, please help =/.
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Try using another browser. Failing that, reset your network connection. Failing that smash your laptop ^^.
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download google chrome.

it'll be the best choice you've ever made for your computer.

plus it has incognito mode.

smash laptop. DO IT. you know you want to. it will make you feel so much better
You probably told it to not go through unencrypted connections recently. I don't know how to fix this, but there's a way....I'm sure it's not hard to find.
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