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Line 6 Spider 3 (15 watt)
2 7%
Peavy Vypyr (15 watt)
8 29%
Crate V18 (18 watt)
8 29%
Vox Valvetronix (15 watt0
10 36%
Voters: 28.
Hey everybody, although this is my first post on UG i have been a long time viewer and these forums have helped me alot. I've been playing guitar for about 11 months now and am in the market for my first real self chosen amp. Last year for christams i recieved the Squire "Stop dreaming and start playing" pack which included a squire sp-10 (10 watt) and a squire SE special Strat. While the amp isent the greatest thing in the world an im looking to upgrade.I have narrowed it down it these four $100 doller amps and would like your imput on them. I play mostly rock but a good clean chanel is very important to me. I play the likes of Black Sabeth, ACDC, Metalica and punk bands. Also as a side note after i get the amp i will be investing in a new guitar. i will probilly be get some kind of guitar with humbuckers and a les paul like tone to it.
Definately rule out the Line 6 Spider 3... DEFINATELY....

i voted Crate V18... it's either that one or the Vypyr, but i can't say b/c i've never gotten to play a Vypyr yet...

I'd go for a roland cube 20x.

Not the cube15, 20x is much better. If not get a Vox valvetronix. I like the cube a little more, and it provides a little better fit for harder stuff like sabbath and metallica.

Grr voted crate by accident. Meant to chooes the vox, though personally I love the cube just a little more.

Edit: 100% agree on geting the spider out of there.
i think that you should save more than $100 dollars.
but pretty close to that range is micro-cube which is $125. so if your going for cheap, thats my reccomendation

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im pretty sure all those amps bump up to 30 watt for $200 which is very possible for me to accomplish
Vypyr or Crate V18. If you want versatility, the Vypyr. If you want a simple set up, the Crate and a Danelectro Fish n Chips.
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yeah, i big reason im lookin at the vypyr is becuse of all the biult in effects and amp models. Out of the four, what would you say has the best clean channel?
I also agree on looking at some Roland Cubes...

and i've got a question... Would you consider buying used? Because that would open up your range a LOTTT more.

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yeah, i big reason im lookin at the vypyr is becuse of all the biult in effects and amp models. Out of the four, what would you say has the best clean channel?

If you want the effects, the Vypyr, Vox and Roland are worth looking into. The crate has great cleans and usable gain and reverb, but that's it.

And Yes, can you look used?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
the only problem woth used is i would't know where to get em. I dont trust pawn shops or ebay and my local guitar shop dosent sell many used amps and if they do, its only half stacks and other $700+ amps. they dont waste there time buying small amps.
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spider three isnt as horrid as everyone claims it to be, but yeah, the valvetronix is the better amp.
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I'd say vox, I think 18 tube watts is just too loud for bedroom practice, mainly because 5 tube watts is too loud for bedroom practice. Never tried a vypyr though
invest in a good amp, your guitar is fine. 100$ isn't going to be much of an improvement. get $300-$500 dollars together and get a good amp. not a modeling amp, a good, solid, tube amp.

i suggest a 5 watter like an Epiphone VJ, a Gretsch G5222, Fender Champ or a Blackheart LG.
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I'd say vox because tubes usually just sound better than solid state amps, but I'd try all of them because at that price range and wattage, it probably doesn't really matter and it just comes down to personal choice. Hell, the spider might even be good for you as a bedroom amplifier because of all the different choices of amp model you can choose from. Same goes for the Vypyr (which I haven't tried, but I hear is pretty good).

tl;dr just try them out, because at that size/price/wattage, anything goes really.
I voted the Crate V18. As the only tube amp in the pile, it has the nicest tone in my opinion.

The Vox comes second, but not a close second.
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