A Slow Bass or Acoustic Guitar piece, an idea of mine that's been circling around in my head for a bit, what do you guys think?



Are we Ghosts?
Are we even real?
Capable of thought?
Can we even feel?

Verse 1:

Run through these halls
But don't lose site
Of the friends you keep too close
Try with all your might
This world is ours to keep
With skies so high to oceans deep


But- can you see me here?
I- don't want to disappear


Were they Ghosts?
Were they even real?
Capable of thought?
Could they even feel?

Verse 2:

All the things that happen tonight
Just take them in your stride
Don't lose your temper, don't you fight
Cause life right now's a simple ride
Remember not to play with the knife
Don't forget how to live you life



What are Ghosts?
How do I know what is real?
Can I stop what I thought?
How do I block out what I feel?

Verse 3:

I can see it all laid out
The halls once full, now bare
Your memories corrupted by your own doubt
Your love rots inside, you no longer care
Can you remember anything at all
Or has the child inside made the final fall



Your a Ghost
You just can't be real
Had you ever you own thought?
I doubt you could ever feel
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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