I have this "jam session" coming up at the place where I talk music lessons and a bunch of people from bass players to vilionists and anywhere in between are goona come. It's for everyone who takes lessons there. My teacher said it would be a great way to start a band cause I've been talking to him about it for a while, but I'm shy when it comes to things like this and I need to get an entire band together guitar(s) bassist drums (I'm a singer) and it would be really awkward to just go up to someone and be like hey wanna be in my band?

So I need help on how to do this
Jam with some people there, if it clicks it should be pretty mutual, besides, if there's anyone there that isn't in a band, they'll probably want to be in one just as bad as you.
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i'm sure but if I just came up to you and said hey Idk wat your name is but you play guitar wanna be in my band?

Wouldn't you be creeped out
Pick out a few people you like the sound of, ask them what genres/bands they're into, if you match thier tastes then ask if they'd like to jam with you one day, and gradually form a band. It will be easier if you become friends with them first, so you won't feel awkward to ask. Good luck! I miss my band days :[
Just dont be all nervous and look freaked out...thats what would scare me...I really wanna get a band together too...and if I was in a room with a bunch of muso's, a simple..."Hey, I like that riff...or "Is that the song I think it is?"...or "wow I like your style" or "Your good" how bout we jam sometime would be a fine convo starter. And you probably only need them cos you wouldnt really wanna recruit a guiotarist who you think sucks/doesnt play you style too.
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Just a small thing... "Wanna start a band?" sounds a little better than "Wanna join my band?" in my opinion, considering you don't even have a band.
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