I got one of this kind pedal and it seems to work fine at lower knob settings but
If I turn on some thing like treble or top boost about past 12 oclock it would make
some noise kind of sound like shhhhhhhh (an air coming out of tires)
Is this normal? I dont know if only mine does this. Because beside that noise, there
is something broken or clinking inside the box when I carry the pedal around like if
some chip has been broken.
^+1, just get a semi-decent noise gate type pedal and you'll be fine.
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o ok. Thanks guys I thought mine was defective, guess its common to all then. appreciate it
no it's not normal.
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no it's not normal.

yeah it is, especially if you have high output pickups, almost all distortion pedals make some degree of noise like that.
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not to the degree he is talking. like air coming outta a tire with the treble at 12 o'clock. thats not normal!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Top boost past 12 will produce a ton of hiss... And treble with the gain up will produce some hiss. But as far if its is normal that depends on just how loud and overbearing it really is. If its a little background hiss yea that is normal.
thanks guys thats what i was talking about. Treble side hm,, I think it produces a hiss about 5~6 oclok (about full) well I think thats because its too loud and I know the difference between feedbacks and this noise. One question. he you said battery shaking around but I dont see any place to put batteries in it. Do I have to open the whole back panel to reach to batteries inside? I dont wanna break this whole box lol