Hey guys

I´m just looking for opinions on this guitar. I will be buying it tomorrow unless you guys can talk me out of it

I am a poor student.. Its in my price range and complements my hw1 tele nicely I think with its double humbuckers.

1. Simple, less things to break. The reason I play a tele originally.
2. Heavier tones that I can use for rocking out.
3. Cheap.

1. ???
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it wont stay tuned for more than 15 minutes
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Cons, dickheads like above will make fun of it.

PROS: Its an excellent guitar, ive had mines for 2 years now and it hasnt even went wrong once, it stays in tune for around 4 day, then you have to make some fine adjustments, just like any other guitar without a locking nutt. The Special ll is epiphones best selling guitar, they make little profit on then compared to their other models, all the money they spend on it, is nearly what they sell it for, it has a perfect weight and an amazing neck for its price. Btw, interesting story, at our(my class) music practical, my friend had to borrow it because it has a better sound with distortion than his epi les paul custom, do yourself a favour and pick one up!! BTW, i have the white one, but the sunburst ltd edition one with gold hard ware looks amazing.

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Quote by rrhoads47
it wont stay tuned for more than 15 minutes

I agree. The factory tuners suck really bad. I used to own one so I know what I'm talking about. If you can check out some of the cheaper LTD's. I think they're better quality for the money.
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Hm, for $170 there's not much you can do. There is an option for about $20 +shipping more: the Agile AL-2000 (it's basically an Epi LP standard for cheaper).
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