ey guys i am serching around for my next guitar i want a decent locking trem and decent pickups for mostly metal playing and am willing to spend around $1000. i keep ending up looking at this ibanez ::


but herd a lil on these esp's :::

is the better pickups on this esp worth the difrence when the ibanez has a better trem

any opinion would be helpful even if you sugest a diffrent guitar all together that you think would suit me cheers all
If you're looking around the $1,000, check out secondhand.

I have bought a 1000 series LTD for about the same price you are looking at paying for the new 400 series. If you check out the item first, the ones I have bought were almost new condition. The same would apply to any Ibanez that you want to look at as well.
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If your looking for a 2 humbucker S series (IMO better than the RG a lot more versatile) Id recommend the S520ex. If your just looking for metal then go for the RG just make sure its got an edge pro or edge zero just avoid the edge 3 like the plague