i just got a phone call that i missed and they left a message saying im from concert search or something like that regarding your band please call me back at 1-800( i odnt know the rest) i called them and they said the person i need is with someone. what do you guys think this is? can there be prank calls with a 1-800 number thanks
call back and tell them you're from concert search, and you have things to discuss regarding their band.
Give it a shot, this could be big

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Option 3:
Do option 2.

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Option 3:
Do option 2.

Option 4. Go to option 3.
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Option 4. Go to option 3.

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it wasnt a recording someone answered when i called the 1800 number and they said they will call me tomorrow
and my band has a myspace thats our only website
I could think of more "entertaining" 1-800 numbers

Seriously, give it a shot.
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You got a message saying that you're from concert search?

Man, what a mean thing to say. I'd never tell anyone they were from concert search.
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after listening to your songs it must be a scam, your singer is terrible,
pink floyd are better than you
Do It. And don't forget to give them your address, credit card number, and social security number.