I'm not sure where this would go, so if it's in the wrong area just tell me where to take it. I need help recording with Sonar 7 Producer Edition. I have both AmpliTube Metal and Guitar Rig 3, but I don't know how to use them as plug-ins so that I can use the tone from one of them when I'm recording. Help?
I have not used the VSTs in Sonar but I use 7 Producer.
I think you have to make a new track and select the input to be Amplitube.
If that doesnt work you can try going to the synth rack and adding a plugin though that.
moody,this guy clearly is a theif!..why do you insist on helping these people?
Over $1000 bucks in software and he doesnt have a clue on how to run any of it?..C'mon now..if you or I spent that much, we'd surely open a F'n manual...no?
I didn't even think about that....must have been a late night when I posted

I don't agree with downloading software nor do I tell anyone to go about doing it but IMO there's nothing you can really do about it after someone has downloaded the software. There's not much point in flipping out on someone at that point.
That's just my look on it.

TS, if you are serious about music and want to get into this as a career or hobby you really should spend your cash and get the software in the box. It will come with free online and phone support.
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