i have an ac30cc2 and i would like to retube my amp because of odd sounds it makes sometimes. plus i heard that the stock tubes kinda suck balls. i have the combo version not the head, and if anyone could include some pictures of the insides and how to open the case to access the tubes. also, how long should i wait once it is unplugged from the wall, so that i dont get shocked? also what should i not be touching inside to prevent getting shocked. pictures will make all of this much easier, someone help meh.
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there actually should be tutorials on the web for this amp as popular as it is.

check to see what tubes it will accept first.
you won't shock yourself changing tubes but don't dig too deep. It's like a light bulb.
how old is your amp?
are you happy with the tones otherwise?

can't take it any further really so bump for ya!

PS - odd sounds is not always an indication of bad tubes. Could be loose insert jack or grounding for example. Interference too. If they are old tubes then dying microphonic tubes could deff give you freakishness.
the filter caps can store charge for days after you turn the amp off and unplug it from the wall.

if you don't actually know how to re-bias the amp, I really wouldn't suggest it. You're dealing with lethal voltages here. Idk about the CC model of the AC30, about whether or not there is external access to measure idle current and change the bias, but if all that stuff is inside the amp, I really don't suggest you try to do it if you don't know how.

Here is the gist of it, unscrew and pull out the chassis, drain the filter caps, put in new tubes, turn the amp on, measure the idle current and bias the amp to within operating range of the tubes you're putting in. Honestly, if you don't know how to do that, get a tech to do it for you, or at least show you how to do it. And wear rubber soled shoes, and never put both hands into the chassis (I usually place one hand in my back pocket and work only with one hand at a time anytime I go into my amp.
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Quote by xsk3l3t0rx
i have an ac30cc2 and i would like to retube my amp because of odd sounds it makes sometimes.

Can you describe the noises? Just for interest sakes.
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Quote by jeric0
from what ive read you dont have to rebias the ac30

Yep my bad, the AC30s are cathode bias.

Just plug em in and go.