I'm contemplating buying a GE-7 because I'm tired of fondling my pedals for 4 hours trying to get a good tone, then not wanting to play by the time I sound good.

I'm running and Epi LP custom through a Fender BJ.

Pedals: Boss CS-3, ProCo Rat2, Verbzilla.

These pedals, when in good tone without being adjusted, sound amazing. The verbzilla added an aspect to my tone, even while it's off that just makes it better, but sometimes my tone is lacking in the bass or treble department and adjusting either one makes it the other (adjust treble, too bassy, adjust bass, too trebly etc.)

Will this fulfill my expectactions?
the ge-7 or a mxr 10 band either or......................an eq is one of the best investments tone wise you can make. a must have either to sculpt your tone or for a clean boost.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
+1 either is good I personally own a GE-7 but I like MXRs more
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