I bought a boss FBM-1 fender bassman pedal off ebay and its very new and is supposed to work, but when I tryed it i got nothing out of it it turns on and stuff but I can't hear anything. I'm pretty sure it's a problem wth the output jack cuz u can't hear a "pop" or anything when i plug a cable in and out of it when my amps on. I took it apart and on the jack there's only one white wire connected to it. should there be more? Any ideas of what mite be wrong? maybe i can attach a pic later if that helps. I live in a rural area and the closest guitar shop is 2 and a half hours away so i can't get it looked at 4 a while. Please help me!
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did you see any wires that werent connected to anything?
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No, there are no loose wires,so if it's a wire it would have to be completely missing