Has anyone had the chance to try one of these guitars? It's a guitar company from Finland that make great looking (and sounding) guitars. This is their website. Opinions?
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They have a distributors page somewhere, and from there you just follow a link to a retailer in your country. They're not cheap; the metallish one with EMGs is something like $2000 Australian. So they're quality guitars, possibly a bit overpriced but that's just because they're a small business I expect.
they look very very nice! the Liekki looks the muts nuts! would love to play one to see what there like
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The Rautia made me o_o

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Alright, I was gonna just put up one complaint about this, but then I found another...

Flaxwood is just another name for Cottonwood, which is just another name for BASSWOOD. I know this because we used to get the occasional order to mill out a few logs of this (We had a circular sawmill for the longest time). You can literally see water coming off the blade when we sawed this, and the fibers would dull the teeth rediculously quick.

Now my second complaint: They're not even using regular flaxwood (A.K.A cottonwood A.K.A BASSSWOOD)..., look at this I pulled from the website..

"Flaxwood Guitars has created a high quality, stable, and ecologically friendly molded wood material..."

Here's the link if you don't believe me

Something else.. What the hell is a 3-D neck joint? I've built different guitars with different neck joints (Bolt-On, Set, Set-Thru, Neck-Thru, Bolt-In, etc) and I've never heard of a 3-d Neck joint...
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