The bad was trying to play an A chord. All my fingers do not fit in one frets worth. The good was finding something easy to play that was fun..."Godzilla"
lol. Yeah, Godzilla's a blast

Try barring with your index instead of using one finger per string. Just lay it flat and get used to not muting your high e. It takes some practice but IMHO it's easier then trying to cram 3 fingers into one fret.
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GODZILLAS SICK! great song!

but yea the whole A chord thing. It is tough to fit them, if what garou1911 said doesent work and you dont feel like practicing it over and over to get it. Just turn your wrist a little bit when you play it so that all your fingers are practicly next to eachother so they fit easier on the fret.

Hope you get it.
I have very chunky fingers. It was very hard to play A at first, so I usually substituted it with A2

It doesn't completely replace A major, but it can be substituted a lot of the time. I would suggest you keep trying to play A though. I use my middle, ring, and pinky finger to play A. It's the easiest way to fit all 3 in there for me.
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There are other ways to open chord Amaj.

Use fingers 2,3,4 instead of 1,2,3. I used 2,3,4 for the past couple of months because I couldn`t fit in 1,2,3 properly.

However, as my finger dexterity got better and I also started using a PRS with the shorter scale (24.75 vs 25.5 on stratocaster). I started lately (3 weeks ago) practicing using fingers 1,2,3 for Amaj and I was able to do it without problems. Now that I`m back to using a Stratocaster fretboard, it feels even easier. So yeah at first I couldn`t fit it in either, but I can now.
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One of the guys I work with (he has been playing for about 40 years so I am pumping him for info every afternoon when I get to work) suggested using 2,3 and 4rth fingers like you said. I will try that but will also keep trying the correct way. I guess it is the correct way. Just heard rock n roll aint noise pollution on the radio. That will be tomorrows project as the intro didn't sound to hard.