so my brother started his second year of college, thinking he was going to get his own room. he didnt, but thats not the point, he gets some room mate. all he does is party, and plays guitar. well, the walls are cement or the cement blocks or w.e, so theres no way of really hanging a wall hanger. so he loads it with velcro. not lieing. i swear, then hangs up his guitar (not sure what it was, guessing it was acoustic) it fell, and cracked the neck. it blows my mind on how stupid some people are. btw, you wondering why he didnt put it on a stand, they tried to save as much room in the dorm as possible. just thought id share.
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I think if you loaded an acoustic with velcro it should stay up unless it's like made of metal... They aren't that heavy, are they? But i agree very stupid.
Yeah its pretty dumb because it might hold at first, but velcro wears out

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