I'm trying to cut down my debt, so I'm selling my extra amp. This is a Carvin Legacy Steve Vai signature head. It's two channels - one is a beautiful clean channel, really one of the best I've heard, and the other is a distortion channel that is a really ballsy hot-rodded JCM 800 type tone. They have seperate EQs on each channel. It has built in spring reverb, which you can turn on or off with the footswitch as well as change channels. It's an *extremely* loud head, louder than about any I've ever owned except maybe my old Laney VH100r. It's 100 watts, but you can run it at 50 via a switch on the back to make it more manageable.

They cost $800 plus shipping brand new - I'm only asking $600 plus shipping for this one.

I also have the matching 4x12 with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers for sale at $400 (brand new it's $620), but it would be very expensive to ship.