i have this song stuck in my head and i know that this part that i can remember is the chorus.

The song is pretty old it has to be within the 60-80 era, and i want to say that it is kind of like a folk type rock song.

The chorus has a male singing and there are back up vocals. The vocals do not sound at all like beach boys or beatles or monkees or the mammas and pappas they are deeper and more american sounding.

I almost want to say that they mention california once or twice something like "Down in California" bla bla bla

Anyways here is the tab for how the rythm in the chorus goes, the melody follows this:

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I cum folk rock?

or was it Bloody Entrails Ripped from Neil Young's vagina?
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hotel california???

i have no clue dude..im to lazy to play the tabs and tell you..sorry
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I cum folk rock?

or was it Bloody Entrails Ripped from Neil Young's vagina?

I cum folk
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