If there is a sticky on this, kindly guide me on my way, i searched and didn't find anything.

but yeah, how do I?

I want to put a ds-1, vox wah, line 6 dl4, fab chorus, and have a room for 2-3 more normal size pedals...
I don't know of a sticky/tutorial, but it should be pretty intuitive; get wood and make a ramp out of your wood, i.e. boards + 2x4's or whatever, and at some kind of shallow angle to the floor, like 15%. Apply finish/cheap carpet to velcro your pedals onto the face with.

Let us not forget that Van Halen duct taped his pedals to a 2x4 for his pedal board. If you can do better than that, you're doing better than Van Halen ( in his early days at least ) !