Can anyone start by leading me with some links to songs? I don't know what songs, seriously.
I play flute and know some music theory in school.
start by learning a few open chords then look up songs you like. what style of music do you like?
boys of summer the ataris
moon on the water beat crusaders
final fantasy
anime songs
those types
Yeah good luck with that, anyway...

1. Learn to read tabs
2. A,Am,E,Em,G,F,Fm,C,Bm - Learn these Chords
3. Learn string names
E -Elvis Thickest String
A -Ate
D -Drugs
G -Good
B -Buy
E -Elvis -Thinnest String
4. If you are an absolute beginner learn smoke on the water-Purple haze, and seven nation army-the white stripes
5. Start with easier songs and build up learn scales and do lots of finger excercises

There are lesson guides on the website, read them.
After you learn the basic chords that SilentCivilian suggested, and that I suggest you learn too seeing as they come by very often, try learning some Jack Johnson.

Fall line only uses the chords 'D, G and A'
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:] i'm a junkie for final fantasy music too.

Heres a site for all your video game tabs !
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