I got a 2006 MIM Strat today. It's not the true Anniversary Model. It does have the 60 year button on the back of the headstock.

When I look at most Strats, I see three single pups.

On this one, the bridge pup is a dual of some sort, which seems a little out of the ordinary.

Was this modded? How do I tell what kind of pups may have been put on?

was it bought used?
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It's like a pair of singles, side by side. I'll try to get a pic up ...ha ha ...just made a pun
Well, I know it's a humbucker...

My question is how to tell what type?

Do I have to take them off, look at the bottom?
aaahhg...I just put my guitar and camera away.

What kind of info will the headstock tell you?
Ok, that helps. I just googled standard HSS, and learned some more.

I play acoustic, and have wanted to get into electric.

I put an ad in a certain periodical to trade some items for a guitar, this one popped up, so me and the prior owner made a trade.

I really didn't know what it was, except that it was white, which is my favorite color, and it had a maple neck, which is the other thing I wanted. Not for any reason, other than I like the way it looks.

So, thanks for helping me out, understand what I have!