Ok maybe I won't...but please crit anyway

Just go to my profile and click view all mp3s, and the song in question is "White Light"...

Just a good ol' rockin/metal song...

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"To: North Korea
From: USA

Hey Kim DONG Il. Got nukes yet? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Here's some help with getting one built.


Your pal Obama"

excellent... good music and good playing.
the only thing that lets you down is the quality of recording which would make you sound so much better... you could really benefit from that and you would sound mad...

to tell you the truth i actually enjoyed the first bit (soft acoustic) more than the heavy stuff after it came in. but that is just my musical taste talking...

not a fan of heavy rock/metal...

do you have a band?
here is a link to mine... crit?