Kristin, Ever since you've grown a spine, you're not the same Kristin anymore. YoureKristin Nicole Draper, becoming more of yourself.Ever since you started hanging out with Micah that, it all changed you. It changed Josh too. Maybe not for the better, but it did. Everyone is changing, I am too. Kristin, you're different. You're.. .everything. There are parts of you I don't agree with, don't like. We aren't the same kind of ------ UP anymore. You are ------ up.. in more ways. The things you do.. that I don't. Those have ------ you up more.

me-its like having a friend you know really isnt there, but you don't care if they're false, because you arent really there either.

Kristin, you know I will always love you till the end, for forever, you and I will be best friends, even through all of your changing, and my changing, and this fast life we are living. Kristin, I will always be here for you, Iw ill do my best to stay strong, I will try my hardest to stick it out. I am not like the other friends you have. Things would have been different had it of been me, I would have understood, I would have talked to you about it. I don't think he had changed yet... Maybe he did, but I don't think that it was Micah coming out through him. I think it was all him.

me- please, let me pretend that it wasn't him. That's really all that I have.


you finish the sentence.