Alright, I know I'm gonna get a sh*tload of *you need a new amp*, but I was thinking about installing a floyd rose in my RG120, specifically this type


And I was also thinking about adding some Dimarzio D-Activators in my guitar.


Those. This is my guitar.


In white. I'm happy with the tone I get out of my Line 6 Spder 3 75 watt, on green clean with a Digitech Death Metal. I just need a more full sound, and need a better friggin trem, because my current one sucks. So, whip out your dicks and say weird stuff.

*Short: I have a crappy Ibanez and want to put stuff into it that is not phallic related.
you do know you have to route for the floyd correct? also, the pups you use should be geared more towards what you play, but a pup swap wouldnt hurt
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it would take quite some work to get a floyd on that guitar. it would probably end up costing you more than you bought the guitar for.
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dude, get a better amp. seriuosly. if you want a fuller sound, because your amp and pedal combination are sucky.

anyway, do whatever you want, but i want two warn you of two things:
1.- floyd roses need a route to work well. those routes are a bitch to do. instal a wilkinson trem they are like un-locking FR's
2.- get a better amp

I know, I have another Schecter Avenger, but I want a Floyd, and need a backup geetar. Basically, I play metal, and hard rock on a sevenfold style. Routing isnt a problem, as I will have it taken to a pro when I get the parts.

EDIT: To the guy above me, I said dont tell me about a new amp for a reason, because I dont want to get any suggestions, because I already know this. Also, better pups I KNOW help because I've played D-Activators through my setup before, and it sounded incredibly better.

EDIT AGAIN: Also dude above, your avatar doesnt make sense because theres no A in Help End Poverty.
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1) That's a single locking FR and will be less stable than a double locking
2) I guess if we can't convince you to get a new amp first at least you chose decent pickups
3) Have fun routing that.
4) Have even more fun when your single-locking FR goes out of tune easily.
Honestly, i dig my semi bad sound. It puts a new spin on it, and for what I play isnt a guitar crushing blow. When I get an extra 1k to just go and spend on some half-stack I'll talk about it. But, all redundancy aside, this is hypothetical.