I'm trying to improve my lead skills, and for four years, I've been playing mostly punk, pop-punk, and indie music, but I've also learned a few John Mayer and Santana songs
I want to try to get into some intermediate songs that could help improve my speed and overall soloing ability
I'm up for anything from Aerosmith to GNR, whatever
but please give some specific songs, and also, no deathmetal or anything like that
no offense, but I'm not really too interested in playing stuff like that
That's like starting back from scratch.Haha,nah just kidding.Anyway,try ACDC for something simple first.Back In Black or TNT is a good start.
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try the freebird solo it is a pretty good sounding solo and not to hard but not to easy
Try playing the c major scale without makin any mistakes,SLOWLY.....then faster...then faster and so on.its simple and stupid.