Basically I bought my first tube amp, a VOX AC50CPH head. recently I noticed that on channel 2 I have lost volume control, it went from pretty quiet to super loud one day and now the knob does nothing, the master volume still works but it is making it hard to balance channels 1 and 2 because of this.

I am wondering if maybe it just needs some knew tubes or if it may be a more serious problem that will require some profesional care.

Thank you to anyone who replies, any help would be good.
So the channel volume doesn't work? Could be a bad pot, have a tech look at it. If it's only a bad pot then it shouldn't be too much to have fixed.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
No the problem is only on channel 2 and I bought it new a few months back. It's probably still under warranty I was just hoping it might only be the tubes to save me the trouble of dragging it back to the shop and then waiting the 2 billion years it takes them to repair it.
i wrote a wall of text and my inturnet shut down on me but basically:

i doubt it is the tubes.
if it is a volume pot then that can be fixed/soldered for maybe $20-$30
but you may void the warranty - so check that first
sometimes you have to make a decision if the warranty and possible waiting is worth it or just getting it fixed like other things.

something like that...good luck
Thanks guys for the advice. I took it back to the shop today and the tech there seemed to think it's a diode, but since it's under factory warranty he has to send it out. so 4-6 weeks and I should have her back.

I'll post the official diagnosis when I get it for anyone who'se curious.
It's broke.

Sell it to me for 100 dollars.

Oh wait...

You already took it to a tech

BTW, do you have clips of it? I'm actually very interested in that amp.
Ok, so to anyone who'se interested I got it back today, so it took about 5 weeks and all it was was some loose sodering on the ciruit.

It works really good so far and they replaced all the tubes so that's a definite bonus.

thanks to all who posted.
Awesome, glad to hear you've got your amp back.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I'm with Goolz in that you should totally get some clips up when you can. I too am interested in the AC50CPH.