I was working on a 2006 MIM Strat When i noticed how loose the String guide was. I tried to tighten it, but it wouldnt tighten. I tried to remove it but wouldnt unscrew out. So i gently pulled while turning and it came out.

Even though it has a phillips head, the screw has no threads on it - so its not a screw, its a rivit or peg.

oh well
i still cant believe they put a philips head on a rivit. i guess it was also glued in.
A cost thing a nail is cheaper than a screw. So they get a nail with a phillips in the head.
Wow... Now that's sketchy.
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Quote by ze monsta
Yeah dude...

Fill that whole with titebond or something similar, and then get yourself a screw of the correct size.

Yeah sounds like they did that because of production line quality. Low income workers usually = not so good quallity. Miss drilled holes, stripped screws, broken screws in headstock ect:

The hole is probably the same size as the screw needed. go get a screw.
I already put a screw in it. It was an easy fix. Now i have 2 other MIM to check out or fix.

I think that's another cause for the guitar to go out of tune.

i'm surprised others havent seen this.

i see alot of MIM on eby and the guide looks crooked. they must be loose too.

other than that, this 2007 MIM $100 standard strat blem plays GREAT!