i've got this new classic player 60's stratocaster with the "Vintage Style 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Stamped Steel Saddles". I was wondering about how tight the arm is meant to be and is there a possibility of stripping the bridge block/arm screw thing? I heard about some stuff that you put in to protect it or something?

I've seen those bridge covers that are on the vintage strats, would one of those fit on my guitar? it's a bit annoying because i like to rest my hand on the bridge while playing and since it's got a floating tremolo system i think that actually moves the bridge and tremolos it.

why does it suck? I think its pretty good.

just want to know if overusing the thing will like wear out the metal and make it really suck.
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mmmm... well if your talking about the chance of over tightening the trem arm, you could either turn it back one turn after you have tightened it or I've herd you can throw a wad of cotton down there so it remains tight but wont over tighten

btw don't listen to him... fender trems are fine for occasional vibrato here and there but its not a good idea to be doing massive dive bombs to often if you want it to stay in tune. On another note if it is setup right you could probably go to town on it

PS: it wont wear out the metal enless you have the trem springs to tight... if its pretty easy to use the whammy bar I wouldn't worry but if its really hard and it requires a bit of force to use the whammy try loosening the trem springs at the back. But make sure you don't loosen them to much or else the bridge will float up-woulds off the body. thats providing it isnt already set up to float
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