i personally feel ts-9 has more transparency then the ts-808 and has a less chunky sounding overdrive. the 808 has a much thicker, fatter overdriven sound but when you play open chords it gets a bit muddy. the ts-9 on the other hand has a thinner(not weak just lighter) overdrive but maintains more clarity then the ts-808 when playing open chords.

ok so my final judgment is......when i play a solo i like the ts-808 better because it has a thicker and full sound but when i am playing chords i like ts-9 better because it has more clarity then the 808.

feel free to add your input about this subject. what do you think?
I have the ts-808.
I'm runnning strats into a Twin. Generally for my distortion I'll use my Tonebone Hot British and I have the 808 set up before it to boost into the Hot Brit.
Sometimes I like the 808 by itself but usually I prefer the tube depth in the Tonebone. Alone, i find the 808 often irritates me. I like it more when using it subtly in combination with other pedals.
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i have the two set up on my board like this; the ts-808 is right after my route 66 compressor and the ts-9 is after the ts-808. the ts-808 is set up with the overdrive at about 9:00 and use my ts-9 with the volume at 3:00 and the overdrive at 9:00 to boost my overall tone.
i love my TS808. it actually makes any SS amp sound more natural. I'm going to mod it to give me a little more thump in the low end, i find they are more high-mid, tonally.

but i like the TS9 as well. the only reason i got the TS808 over it is because my buddy had it and we just swapped my rotovibe for it.
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has anyone got a ts-9 modded by keeley? does it sound like the ts-808. im thinking about getting the keeley ts9- plus mod. any advice?