Which is better?! really struggling...

I like the zoom as it has drum machine and home recording capabilities, but the Boss on the other hand seems better built for gigs which is probably more important to me..i've never used either of the pedals so could anyone let me know their opinions?

I play mainly punk/metal but need a decent chorusy clean too...and yeah it's for gigs

Thanks aaalot!
They're probably about equal if I was to take a rough guess, but personally I'd get neither and go for the ME-50 instead. The ME-50 is slightly better than the newer one because it actually has more effects and is a bit easier to use.

EDIT: I do actually own the ME-50B and I love it, it's a great unit. I am however upgrading to the GT-10B this weekend though.
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Thanks..I would like to go for the ME 50 but bit out my price range... but I will consider it. but going by that I am swinging to the ME 20 as opposed to the zoom
The ME20 is pretty good, only problem is trying to equalise the volume levels between the pedal and your amp...driving me mad. Probably just me being lazy though.
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I say the zoom is under rated. My loyal G2 has been with me since i've started and have had no problems. But the ME-20 would be better im pretty sure.