hai guys 2 questions here

1. my zoom 505II crapped out so i need a new multi-effects pedal, im mostly a home/jam with a few mates musician so cant really justify single effect pedals at this point, im eyein up a digitech 350 but wanted to know if any of the cheaper models like the 150 or RP80 would be just as good, advice?

2. starting to play a lot more songs in C tuning, been using ernie ball power slinkys for years but reckon a heavier gauge might be more suitable, which is best?

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I really don't recommend Multi effetcs pedals simply because they sound digital. Just because you're a home player doesn't mean you shouldn't have analog effects.

No comment on strings.
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Yeah but he said he doesnt want single effects because he only plays at home and doesn't gig, there's no point him buying loads of single units when he wont use them to their full potential, multi FX are a lot better because you can experiment with all the things without shelling out for single units.

Stop bandwagoning, some people dont want the best they can get.

I think the RP350 is a solid pedal, although you might want to look at a few other manufacturers too, particularly the Line 6 PODS and the Boss ME series, maybe even a used Vox Floorboard.

Whats your budget? £ $?

As for strings, what gauge are you using now? I would think you should change to Gauge 11's for playing Drop C, but your guitar will need a setup if your changing from 9's probably.

Hope some of that helped
The rp350 is a lot better than the cheaper models. If you absolutly must get a cheaper one then go for the 250 or 150. The 350 lets you have 2 amp channels which the other 2 don't have. it also has more choices for effects.
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