Okay I bought some strap locks for my gibson, and when I was putting in the screw that came with the locks it only went in about a quarter of the way and then the screw head stripped when it met resistance. How can I fix this?
Remove the screw using pliers and then check the length and diameter of the new screw with the original - if they're different then try to find a better match from a DIY shop. If you really have to use the supplied screw then I suppose you could re-drill the hole, but I'd do everything possible not to butcher your guitar.
lol i just put stap locks on my epip les paul. and the guy said. if your scew is feeling like it going to srtip. take it out and drill the hole deeper. and said people do it all the time. so i would take the screw out and go to lowes or something. and get a new screw that the same