So i've had an EMG 85 & 81 since about christmas now, just sitting there in there boxes! I keep meaning to get them put onto my Jackson PS-4. I've had a look before so i could do it myself. But bieng the 1st time i've changed pickups on my guitar, im having a little trouble. I havent begun yet because i just wasnt too sure about some things.
The cables on the volume and control knobs are a lil too short to reach wer they need to be connected, and theres no room for me to put the new jack in (if i need to put it in?) so im somehow gonna have to get rid of some wood inside the guitar.

Is it worth chancing doing all this myself? Im afraid of messing it up!! Should i just take it to the cust. shop and fork out the £40-50 to get it done?

And also is there any guides around the tinternet specific to this? Probs not but i thought i'd ask!

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I think you can use ur own wiring but you must use the potmeters from the emg's. Yes u need the new jack because of the battery.

Unless you have any experience in soldering and woodworking i suggest let a local guitarshop do it. It will cost some 50 bucks or so (maybe less if ur nice:P) But the guitar will be good for years to come. If you **** it up, you can't reverse it and you will feel bumped for years to come.

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