Hey Ug, I want to play like J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr
Does anyone know what kind of techniques, scales etc he uses in his riffs and solos?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum but it seemed right so here we are

thanks everyone
Well J Mascis style of playing is a mix of melodic soloing, heavy rhythmic guitar and a wide use of effect pedals. Firs of all you need a fender style of guitar. I saw in an interview that he opted for fenders due to the rhythmic feel he wanted to achieve and that's when he bought his Jazz master.

To play like J Mascis you need to listen a lot of Dinosaur Jr stuff and listen carefully to the rhythmic playing of J and notice the use of his right hand during this. In soloing, he tends to use solos that are really melodic so the Major and Minor scales would be useful to learn. Also for soloing remember using a lot of effect pedals. J tends to live with his chorus pedal on during all of his recordings and on top of it he may add a fuzz, a flanger or some wah-wah.

I would recommend to add a flanger, chorus, fuzz and a wah to your pedal board if you are wishing to sound like him, pull some solos out and take a careful look to his rhythmic playing.
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