Gday guys, please check out my bands Myspace and let me know what you think about our songs! We have on full recording demo and one acoustic recording, where the guitar is just a bit out of time in parts due to a very fast and rushed recording.


Thanks guys!

drop us a comment and add us if you like our sound thanks!
loving the music...

im not a fan of taking so long for the vocals to come in - but that seems to be the trend with that kind of genre these days, but its all good... i'm really loving the music. the female vocals add a certain x-factor to it which it's cool.

you sound like these guys from sydney


anyway here is a link to my band... crit if you feel necessary
thanks for the crit dude, yeah we kinda like intros ahah, dunno. anyways i listened to your song and it sounds very cool, cant wait to hear some more, thanks!

and that band The Third Cycle are quite cool i like em haha. cheers!

any more crit?
Dude, I think this sounds very good!
A) The song sounds very good, did you guys record it at home?
B) The female vocalist is actually very good, she wrote the melody very well.
I can't really tell you anything to fix or what not. Just keep doing what you guys are doing because it sounds very good!

I'm gonna send you guys an add on myspace.
Do you mind checking out my music?


Keep up the good work!
-Phillip Andrew
They view you as the new messiah!