OK Pit monkeys I know this is my second thread in a few hours and the mods will probably be crawling up my arse, but I still felt I had to know. Does anyone have any links to some of the great moments of the Pit past? I saw something on the Mike Huckabee thread on hotpunksk8rgrl, so I've been searching for a couple of hours to find it. I failed, but found several other Pit stories along the way.

As they say "you gotta look back before looking forward", so I want to hear some of these (the hotpunksk8rgrl story in particular cause I hear it involves nudes).
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Yet another thread showing your lack of efficiency using the thing we call the search bar.
Back when I enjoyed The Pit's company

Seriously, 2005/06 was the golden era for The Pit. So many epic, funny things occurred. I loved it, it was more of a community back then.

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