Okay pit so i am trying to brodan my musical horizan so i was wondering if the pit could suggest some atrist for me to look into

What i generally listen to:

Kill switch engage
Dance gavin Dance
Scars on Broadway
Metallica (of course)
It dies today
Foo fighters
All that remains

If you know any bands that i might like based on the ones listed above it would be helpfull thank you vey much?
the mighty mighty bosstones.
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Alice In Chains and Staind.

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Go for something totally different. Try listening to some reggae, some industrial stuff, some classic rock stuff; basically listen to the bands who are regarded as the best of their genre and see what you like. It's what I try to do; I've discovered so much cool music that way.
Old stuff by The Used. Kids In the Way, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Nevea Tears, The Devil Wears Prada. Also, A Static Lullaby just released a kick-ass album...
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Dream Theater
Between the Buried and Me
Alot of Jazz
Steve Vai
Joe Satch
Protest the Hero
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i lol'd
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Originally Posted by Demon Wolf
one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

RATM? Shouldn't they be the musical staple for everyone?
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Get the Dream Theater Score DVD....it will change your life....


Has Chaos in Motion came out yet?

EDIT: Back on topic, As I Lay Dying's newest album is awesome, especially "Comfort Betrays" and "Nothing Left."

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None of these will be much of a stretch from the bands you've mentioned, but:

Bullet For My Valentine
well if yuor really trying to boraden your musical take go into the unexplored world of jazz.
john scofield
john mclaughlin
two of the greatest guitarist in my opinion.
miles davis
john coltrane
cannonball eldderly
medeski martin and wood(one of my favorite bands)
return to forever
august burns red
the bled
the destiny program
every time i die
For the fallen dreams
memphis may fire
one dead three wounded
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Just generally go further back than the 90's. Everyone you've listed is ultimately pretty derivative.

Free are a great classic rock band with a strong soul influence. Everyone I introduce to them seems to fall in love straight away.
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The Three Aces
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