I've got an ENGL Screamer 50watt combo and I've noticed that it sounds much better from the back side, if I play in front of the amp it sounds OK, but I always have to roll down the treble because it's full of it, but when I stand behind the amp it sounds much beater, bass is much more defined and accentuated, and the whole sound is much fatter. Is this something normal or...?
you sir just like bass a lot. dont worry I do too. spend some time tuning your amp, and by time I mean like 30min alone, turning settings .5 at a time. plus most amps controls play off each other- sometimes the bass sounds better with a little more treble or less mid, or vice versa, I kno my 5150 is like that and so are the mesas.
pre gain and post gain play an important part too.
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you might want to look into a eq pedal if you don't have one.
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bass often finds it harder to travel geted distances or through walls or in your case the front of the amp. so standing behind it lets it travel better espicaliy if its a open backed amp(not encased speaker). also i sespect that the amount of bass cancels out the treble making a more balnced sound
They have a Vintage 30 speaker right? Could be that. My Orange was like that when I had the V30 in it so...
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