Hey guys, im Looking into preamp tubes to smooth out the tone of my HRD. I wanna smooth out the drive channel a bit , without losing the good clean.
It has 3x 12AX7 so i was looking into brands. As i live in Belgium i was looking at Musicstore to order them. Tubes Which one of these would be a good idea, or should i look into other than 12AX7. No Rebiasing needed for preamp tubes right...
Preamp tubes are cathode-biasing so you don't need to bias them. As for smooth 12AX7's that handle anything you throw at them with finesse...Tung Sol. Best current production 12AX7 IMO.
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Bob @ Eurotubes - the only place to be.

Email him - the most helpful guy on the net - i got a 1000 word email back about tubes for my Silver Jubilee - brilliant!