So I've been thinking about getting an Ibanez for my next guitar. I play mainly metal, hard rock, classic rock, and Joe Satriani type stuff. I would be running it through a Roland 30W Cube Amp and a Digitech Metal Master distortion pedal (please don't tell me to upgrade these). There are two models that seem great, but I need some more input. Here they are:

Ibanez Prestige Series RG2550Z

Ibanez RG1570

It looks like they both have fast 24 fret necks, and double-locking trems, which I need. Is there a difference between these trems, and which is better? Also, they both have a hum/single/hum setup, but I'm not sure which pickups are better. I don't want to switch them out, and I need some pickups that can do harmonics really well. I don't know if Ibanez stock pickups are reliable for this. Can you please tell me which is the better choice, or if there is a different guitar I should look into. Thanks for your help!
Of the 2, I'd go for the 1570. Mainly because you get an equal quality guitar for $100 less. Then you can get a new bridge p-up with the money you saved. The Ibanez V pickups aren't that bad, but you might want to at least change just the bridge one for now as they don't sound too bad in the neck.
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the RG2550 seems to be the better guitar in my opinion.

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The RG2550 is an amazing guitar I played one at my local sound control. I'm saving up for one at the moment. So i definately say get the RG2550 but if you can try them out then do so, so you can get a good idea what each guitar offers. And the the UG review just shows you its a quality guitar http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/ibanez/rg2550e/index.html