So stewmac/ebay companies charge left and right testicles for wood these days, the prices are really retarded, and none of them ship outside of the U.S.

Right now ive got...
neck blanks :
Blood wood 30$
Pau Ferro 30$ (]ebay prices go from 45-over 100 dollars)
Curly hard maple 15-20 depending on piece
Semi-curly walnut 25$

I will also make multiple laminate neck blanks (blood wood/rosewood and maple look awesome together)

And for body blanks i have access too :
Spanish Cedar (orange color with white sapwood stripes) two-piece body joined and glued 60$
One piece Sapele Body blanks (the best wood ever in my opinion) 60$
Ash 2-3 piece havent decided on price yet.

I will post what pictures i have.

The walnut/maple are actual pieces you will get if you buy, the blood wood/pau ferro are just some pictures i have from other work. I could also make laminated body blanks as well like :

I've got too much wood, and not enough money to finish my own builds. let me know. PM ME ONLY, and when you PM bump this thread.
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so perry how would u test the tightness of a pocket on a neck through? i mean if it can hold the wings to it then its ****ing amazing without glue
How much to make a whole neck? I would like a 5 piece laminated neck, 8-string wide and headstock. Just with extended length for any scale. Only partially shaped at the headstock end. Get my drift? Just wanted to know some prices
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He's very busy you know. Post in one of his active threads, like the RG shredder.
ESP Eclipse-II VTB (With 18v Mod)
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How much for a Maple/Bloodwood 5-piece lam. neck-thru blank? Im thinking about doing a neck thru Firebird or Explorer soon, and that would be a wicked neck. Estimate please?
How much would it cost to ship one of your Sapele Body blanks and maybe a Maple Neck Blank to England; I dont care how? Also, how much would each of these items weigh?

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you got any LP shaped bodies? or a hunk of wood big enough to make one with?
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