So I need some help on this (it's on my profile). I think I did alright playing wise, only screwing up one or two notes on the solo, which is not bad for something done in two takes at 11:30 in the night (btw, the solo intentionally deviates slightly from the records as I think it sounds better due to the backing track being slower than the record by a fair bit). the problem is I think the solo guitar sounds too thin with the high e. Are there any production tricks to fix that or should I just rerecord? I'm leaning towards rerecord as there are also a few bends I don't like. Also, I think it's boring to listen to without vocals, so I was thinking of trying to add those with what equipment I have. I also have nothing for that bridge/intro synth, but that may be for the better.

Btw, if it doesn't come up, refresh your browser because I just put it up before I posted this