hey guys im looking for something that will make my hellraiser roar. Currently set up with a marshall MG50 and a boss metal zone pedal, not exactly ideal for distortion, but the cleans are pretty good. im looking for amps in the UK that are not more than £500 preferably. alternatively, an amp with a pedal for distortion.

can i have specific models as ideas please!

Orange Tiny Terror! I believe it runs around £300 for the head alone. It sounds incredible and is very very reasonably priced. You will still need to get a cab but you could pick up anything second hand. My suggestion would be to try that head through a variety of different cabs in the store (just to get a feel for the difference in price and value for tone!).

That is my #1 recommendation for a tube amp right now.
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If your in the EU or the UK its going to be a little harder to get the american amps that are meant for distortion. IE mesa/boogie and engls etc etc. But regardless, if your looking for a metal amp I'd go with the orange and then use that MT-2 you have and push it a little harder. That or a laney.
i have a peavey 5150 combo for sale in UK looking for around 400, its retubed in feb, has a few cosmetic issues, but its all tube, sounds wicked.
oh btw if you wana make this thing metal..add a tub screamer..basically, run on the clean channel, then kick in the tube screamer
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If your in the EU or the UK its going to be a little harder to get the american amps that are meant for distortion. IE mesa/boogie and engls etc etc.

Ummm ENGL are German I think, definately not American I know that much. I would suggest an ENGL combo if you can swing a few extra dollars or go secondhand and yeah Laney maybe. Sorry can't give specific models but ENGL, Laney, Orange and Marshall should all be easily accessible there and worthy of at least trying (probably 2ndhand in most cases but you'll get more for your buck that way anyway), they're all different but you will know best which one you like.
Did not know that about engl.. hmmm.. maybe it was splawn I was thinking of.

Regardless. For heavy metal you're going to want to get something from randall or a peavey 6505 head.
I'm guessing it's metal you play based on "the legends" in your signature, so I'm going to have to say a used Peavey 6505/5150 combo, or a used Marshall JCM 800 combo. Both amps have good cleans and great overdrive, easily suitable for metal.
^ yeah, something along those lines would be cool. £500 is kind of in-between budgets, you can save a bit and get something mediocre/average at around £300-£350 (randall rg50tc/peavey valveking), or you can save up a bit more to get something which is very good for what you want (peavey 5150/6505, marshall jvm, engl screamer)...
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