Hi all,
I covered Metallica's Enter Sandman.


(the song will start to play)

I used an ENGL Fireball, a Gibson SG Standard (with stock p.u.), a Shure SM57, a Randall cab loaded with Celestion SeventyEighties and a line 6 Toneport UX1 as a mic pre-amp. I used DFH for the drums, I eq'd the snare, kick and toms.

Comments are always welcome, and I hope you'll enjoy the cover.

nice man, you nailed it perfectly, and your tone is awesome. Especially for the Master of Puppets cover. I would dare to say it sounds very, VERY like the original. what wah do you use?
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sweet tone man, loved it. you should try adding vocals to it then it would be awesome!!

You can comment one of my covers on my profile as well if you want, quality is far from being as good as yours though :P

Thx guys! I used a standard Dunlop Crybaby Wah (with a 'fasel' in it), for the clean parts in MoP I used a Boss Chorus built in the 80ties (the blue stompbox).