Hi folks, I'm looking to buy my second guitar. A buddy of mine who is quite good keeps on telling me that in order to progress, I must buy something a little more substantial. Right now I have a SX SST62... yes very cheap I know. Through some searching, I'd say I prefer epiphones over fenders. I can't spend over 500 bucks. Im a LEFTY. and would prefer it to be all black (can always take off the pick guard). So fellow forum members.. what would you suggest? thanks.
what type of music, if you play metal im sure most people would recommend a ibanez or something of that caliber. also, theguitar wont make you a better player, itll just make it easier to practise.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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I like playing blues, along with rock.. but i'm looking for a deep heavy sound... my biggest inspiration is adam jones from tool.
get a les paul for deep tones
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epiphone les paul in black
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Musicians Friend doesn't carry them, but Dean makes a left handed '79 Series ML. I dunno about a black one, but I think the ML screams Blues and Southern Rock
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Bang for buck, playability, and customer service. I highly reccomend Red Planet
Guitars. Plenty to choose from, all lefty, and for the money, they're superb!