The thing is I've wanted to install a killswitch on my old squire strat for a while now, I've looked at a load of ways to do it but I dont fancy re-wireing the thing. I was thinking about ways to get around this problem and I thought, "couldn't I just cut one of the wires from one of the pickup's which goes to the guitar?" surely this would have the same effect wouldn't it?

thanks guys
it depends what style your looking for mr. buckethead or mr. morello. I went to radio shack and got their easy touch on/off button, its the best and buckethead himself uses it. then just look up a schematic online, if you want to learn to do any wiring this is the best place to start
That's pretty stupid, but it would work. A kill swich isn't very much work at all, it's probably one of the easiest mods you can do to a guitar. All you have to do is wire the swich directly to the output jack, it doesn't even matter how you do it, just two wires from the swich to the jack, hot and negative wires be damned...just the two wires from the swich, soldered in whichever order you like, going to the jack, also soldered in whichever order you like. all you need to know is how to solder, you don't even need to be able to read a wiring diagram to do it it's so simple.
You could just get one of those planet waves patch cords with the on/off button built in. Nice cord and no mods needed to your axe.
ts, buy the toggle switch and add it in front of the input jack. it's simple, and no rewire needed.

if you cut off your pup, and flick a squier switch, using it as a kill switch, it'll probably break off in about a week.

also, because it's a strat, cutting off one pup will effect two switch spots, making a clean, quick, switch over near immpossible.

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