I need help deciding which guitar to get:

I have been looking at the Fender SRV Strat and the Fender Deluxe HSS strat.

I will likely own both sooner or later. I need some input.... positive/negative input on both these guitars.

I will be buying a new amp to compliment the decided guitar,so input on that would also be appreciated.

I like Texas Blues, classic rock, southern rock.

Thanks in advance.
well, the srv strat looks beautiful, but i would never get it, because its a signature guitar.
If you want SRV tone, you should get a regular american strat, and put in some dimarzio area pickups or something.
That's one of the things that steers me away from the SRV, thinking I might be overpaying for a signature, but damn... it looks like sex.
I'm not a fan of SRV, but I would look at the signiture models. Buying one doesn't make you a lame player or anything.

Sometimes you just may have the same tastes in a guitar as a particular player.

For example, I played a Fender Eric Clapton Strat for a long time. Now, I'm not really a fan of much of EC's post-Cream work and def. prefer his playing on a Gibson.

That being said, a Strat with Lace pickups and the boost is a really versitile guitar - plus I really liked the neck profile. At that time, Fender didn't make anything else I liked as well.

I know Pete Townsend plays this model as well, and I don't think he's trying to be EC.

I used Clapton as an example here because it fit my situation/rationale but buy a guitar you like - don't worry about who plays/doesn't play it.
I would vote HSS deluxe. I am a huge fan of SRV's work and wouldn't buy his signature guitar. You can get most of his tones from the HSS as he didn't really use his bridge pup as much as the neck and middle, or both at the same time. The HSS is simply much more versatile IMO. The humbucker will come in handy for other southern rock, ZZ top etc.
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