I have this frett buzz problem which isn't really fret buzz, which I will now explain.

I was on the edge of selling my RG550 because of this annoying fret buzz which was really noticeable on the G string. The guitar had 11-52 D'addario strings tuned to D standard. I had a tech look at it, and he did his magic on the frets, but it didn't solve the problem. Never sold it though, and just recently put on a set of 10-46, tuned it up to E and the problem was gone. Now it plays clean like heaven. The string tension is just about the same now as it was with 11-52 in D.

Now comes the reason to why it isn't really fret buzz, and that's because not only did it buzz alot at the 10-23rd fret mark, it also buzzed on the 24th fret. And there aint no more frets for the string to run into there...

So a month ago or so, I bought my Ibanez Xiphos. It came with the stock strings tuned in E of course, and played like a dream. Nice and clean. Then I put 11-52 strings on it and tuned it to D, and got just the same annoying problem. I have relatively high action, and adjusting it makes no difference. Adjusting the truss rod doesn't affect the problem either.

What is the problem here?
Perhaps the neck is a tad warped.
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The only thing I can think of is that Floyd saddles and nuts are really not "designed" for .11s, and it's causing some issues there. Do you have pictures as to how the strings look in there?
Froboarder: No, both necks are straight, and both play clean with 10-46 in E.

CJRocker: Well I could take pics, but I can't really say that they look like they don't fit in there.
Just a small bump before I turn to an expensive tech to solve the problem...
maybe it was the guitar bridge set up and when you restrune it it pulled the bridge forward more other than that i dont know ???????