well the back of my neck is slowing me down. So now i have to strip the paint. Should i just sand it down to the wood or go a different route? any ideas will help me
look at the guitar modding thread, i think the best way is not to sand it cos that could make the neck to thin
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0000 grade steel wool.

Or maybe you can just break the guitar in, you'll keep the finish, which will also keep a good resale value or whatever.
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You can go the sanding route, but it takes time. You need to be sure you don't sand any of the wood down at all, or it could reshape the neck. You have to go slow, tape of where you want the paint gone, and then refinishing with some tongs-oil or something.

You'd can sand the clear coat off, but then do the paint itself in smaller sections. If this happens it'll be a little harder to do while trying to to reshape the neck. (Although, you probably would be able to tell the neck difference if it the neck, cause there wont be any flat spots.

I almost messed up it that picture, because I thought I had sanded the wood down.
You should also be carefull when sanding - depending on the profile of the neck you could easily expose the truss rod.
K i did this. I spent about 30 mins with 100 grit sandpaper and got it down to the last strand of paint, and then i spent a couple hours with 1000 to get the paint off. I did sand down to the wood, and it turned out great. Maybe next year i will take the neck off and do the rest, but i just did it on the section i wanted.
put some pics up
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