i found a 1970s fender vibro champ in amazing shape for $350 at guitar centre. i played it and loved the way it sounded. now is 350 a fair price on it or should i save up and get a deluxe reverb instead?
Sounds like a good deal to a Fender tube noob like me!

But then $350 is nothing in the UK so anything tube would be good for that price here.
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I think that's a little high, but GC prices their "vintage" amps to the high end of market value. But I believe they put a small warranty on them and they are inspected by a pro before they sell them. So it might be worth the extra $$$. I'm wondering what you are going to be using the amp for as you mentioned a Deluxe Reverb. The Deluxe is going to be much louder and cleaner at higher volumes, I have an old blackface Deluxe and I can play small bars with it, you won't be able to do that with a champ unless you mic it. The champ is a 5watt class A, the Deluxe is a 22watt class AB. Both are great amps. If it's just going to be a practice amp, I'd say go with the Vibro, I really don't know what kind of music you play, but the champ will have that "vintage" distortion sound at a much lower volume for practicing, if that's what you are looking for.
i guess i'm looking for a nice amp i can get tube saturation from without being obnoxiously loud and still have nice cleans. this would mostly be used at home for practice and recording.

yeah - i think that's pretty fair for a '70's no? GC is a little higher than say craigslist but when buying used gear you kinda have to go with what's around you if you want to try before you buy.

and to Schwebel's point - they are completely different amps. This thing will get you going and you can always sell and trade up later.

oh and Schwebel
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Well getting a DRRI for twice that price from those rapists would be a stretch. I think that is an average GC asking price for that amp. Bargain with them, they don't want it and priced it to bargain with the buyer - take advantage of that. (I would offer them $200 and see where we can go, play poor and be respectful. Once they say no, ask them what the absolute best deal they can do is). Then decide if it is worth that to you. Great amp too, plenty of mojo. DRRI's go for $450-$600 used so...
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